• Year2023
C'est uen BMW Nine T Pure style cafe racer préparée par FCR Original

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Immerse yourself in the bewitching world of the BMW Nine T Classic Heritage, a vibrant tribute to an undisputed icon.

This creation from our workshop transports us with emotion and nostalgia to the heart of the legendary era of BMW motorrad and the mythical R50/2.

In a subtle marriage between the past and the present, this exquisite cafe racer was created on the basis of the BMW Nine T Pure or a BMW R Nine T , themselves renowned for being an ideal blank canvas for customization.


The BMW Nine T Classic Heritage embodies true harmony between the timeless charm of a classic cafe racer and the performance of a modern machine.

Sporting a refined silhouette, this BMW Nine T is transformed by the skilful hands of our workshop, which have shaped elements of captivating blackness: handlebars, rear footrests, spoked wheel, suspensions and exhaust line.

Even the fork tube has been treated with care, adorning itself with a black DLC finish to enhance the stylistic coherence of the whole.

C'est une BMW R Nine T style cafe racer préparée par fcr original
C'est une moto BMW Nine T style neo retro préparée par FCR Original

not only

The rear part of the bike has undergone a masterful transformation by the workshop, resulting in a clean and elegant aesthetic.

Leather upholstery, delicately crafted with diamond stitching, adds a touch of sophistication. In addition, a new rear loop incorporating a subtly integrated rear light gives the bike a decidedly contemporary look.


When you take a seat on its handlebars, you are transported to an unforgettable driving experience. BMW motorrad’s famous flat-twin engine, renowned for its fiery character, gives you intense and thrilling sensations.

Whether you want to explore new horizons, drive through picturesque landscapes or simply escape from the daily routine, the BMW Nine T Classic Heritage is ready to accompany you on all your adventures. Its agility, maneuverability and top-of-the-range tires allow you to master all terrains, whether on paved roads or less traveled paths.

C'est une BMW Nine T Pure style cafe racer préparée par FCR Original
C'est une moto BMW R nine T préparée par le préparateur fcr original


With this latest creation, our workshop is once again making its mark in the world of customization.

Each detail, meticulously thought out and produced with passion, testifies to the know-how and expertise of the workshop. The BMW Nine T Classic Heritage is so much more than just a custom cafe racer, it embodies a true legacy of BMW moto’s motorcycling history.

It elegantly transports the soul of the most beautiful BMW motorcycles through the ages, while boldly entering the contemporary era. An invitation to live a unique experience, where tradition meets innovation to create a rolling work of art that is both captivating and timeless.


If aesthetics holds an important place in our achievements, your safety is just as important. This is why all our safety-related
parts (lighting, braking, mirrors, etc.) are CE (EU legislation) approved.

They therefore meet the security requirements required by the Ministry of Transport test. Moreover, within the framework of our activities abroad, several of our motorcycles have already been confronted with MOT in Germany and

As far as exhausts are concerned, the criteria are still unclear. Our workshop is already working on solutions combining aesthetics and certification.

No, for warranty reasons our workshop only works with bases from our network.


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